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Thanks for checking out the 143rd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! In one of our most insightful episodes ever legendary East Texas musician Donny Hyles is the special guest today on "Behind The Music With Boston Chris" only on The ETX ROCKS Show! Donny has played with many well known musicians such as Willie Nelson, Chuck Berry & many others, but has also mentored a countless number of East Texas musicians and performers including our host Boston Chris! In this episode Donny regales us with a history of music in East Texas that few can tell, don't miss this legend talk about the following topics:

-They talk about Donny's dad Vernon Hyles, A Southern Gospel Hall of Famer who played with Elvis as part of The Rangers' Quartet
-Donny plays 2 songs on this episode!!
-What can be done in the East Texas to ensure music survives here?
-How can venues and artists work together for the common good?
-They talk about the older musicians' role in mentoring the younger generation of musicians.
-Donny tells the story about how he got to play with Chuck Berry in Austin.
-How did his dad's success prepare him for a life as a musician?
-Who were some of Donny's significant influences?
-What's his favorite genre to play?
-Donny tells us about his process for songwriting.
-Will Shinebox be playing more shows soon?
-Donny talks about all the projects he is involved in right now!
-After 4 decades playing music, how does he keep the fire burning?
-Boston interrogates Donny in the "Would You Rather" game!
-Donny talks to any young musicians talking and gives his advice!


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