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Thanks for checking out the 152nd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Heather Little was born in north-central Texas, and grew up around Austin and Dallas and all the music that thrives there. She is the co-writer of “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Me and Charlie Talkin'”, both recorded by Miranda Lambert; Sunny Sweeney’s “Helluva Heart”; and “Minefield,” on Travis Meadows’s album Killin' Uncle Buzzy And now you can hear more of her songwriting on Lindsey Harding’s album Sound of My Heart (including the title track)!-courtesy of! Check out this brand new episode of "Dig It With D Scribs on The ETX ROCKS Show as Heather performs 2 great songs! Heather then discusses the following items on this episode:

-Heather starts off by playing a song she co-wrote with Miranda Lambert called "Me & Charling Talking".
-Heather talks about how she met Miranda Lambert.
-What motivated Heather to begin songwriting?
-What challenges does she face as a songwriter so far away from Nashville?
-What goes on in her mind when she is writing a song?
-How did she get her first publishing deal?
-She talks about her battles with anxiety.
-Heather talks about hearing her song on a teacher's ringtone while working as a janitor in Lindale.
-What's it like hearing your songs on the radio?
-What is her mindset in trying to overcoming her anxiety early on?
-What's her advice to others dealing with anxiety & insecurity?
-Who are some of her influences?
-Why is it so important to her to play benefit concerts?
-D Scribs & Heather play the hilarious game "What The Heck"!
-Heather plays one of the most poignant songs we have ever heard!

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