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Thanks for checking out the 206th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Emanating from Huntsville, TX our guest in this episode has been influenced over the years by a broad range of music. Country, blues, southern rock and other styles of music have brought him to where he is today. Jerrett Zoch is no stranger to the top of the radio charts here in Texas, riding the success of 2 straight singles going #1, Jerrett along with his group The OSR Band, are knocking on the door again with their #2 current single called “Sippin’ On Shine!” All 4 of the singles in his career have graced the top 20, so this is just beginning for this young singer/songwriter! Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to be talking to Jerrett Zoch!!

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Jerrett Zoch and The OSR Band is a Texas band based out of Huntsville. Their music is influenced by the many different styles they have listened to over the years such as country, blues, southern rock, and many more. “We don’t write our songs to be a certain style or genre. We like to let the feel of a song, create the song.” -Jerrett Zoch 

In 2010, Jerrett Zoch and Daniel Huggins, friends from Centerville, Texas, picked up two old guitars and began writing music together for fun. It didn’t take long for them to know they were on to something. Soon after, they were joined by drummer Berny Herrera, from neighboring town, Jewett. With Berny’s addition, the three officially formed the band and began seeking to increase the depth of their music. When they found bass player, Logan Mehringer from Teague, TX, they quickly asked him to join, and when he agreed, they were set to go.


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