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Thanks for checking out the 192nd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! In this episode our host chats with Lauren, Richie & Jazzy Jeff of The Lauren Alexander Band! Boston chats with Lauren and her band about her songwriting process, her absolutely incredible album "Smoke Signals" (YOU NEED TO GET THIS ALBUM!), her influences and how she achieves her unique vibe!! Watch closely to this episode and you could win a copy of "Smoke Signals", be the first to comment the one word Richie said in this episode and YOU WIN!! Lauren also gives us 2 samples of her vibe with original songs "Hit & Run" & "Say That You Want Me"

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Texas native Lauren Alexander is a singer, songwriter, and producer with a knack for feel good beats and dig-down-deep lyrics.
Growing up with a healthy dose of twangy country blues and soul driving classic rock, Lauren has quickly established herself in Nashville's competitive music community, creating a sound that is unmistakably fresh. She blends bluesy melodies with a touch of western bohemian flair to create music that makes you want to groove.
“My goal” she says “Is to make music you can feel.”


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