Thanks for checking out this episode of Catching Up! Your host for this show is Louise Leone, and she’s really excited about today's guests. First interviewed on the ETX Rocks Show in season 1, episode 44, Will and Crystal Yates have returned to talk to us a little more, and tell us what's been happening in their lives and career since then. If you missed their episode or this is the first time you've heard of them, you are in for a treat! Crystal has been our favorite vocalist from the first time we heard her sing. Paired with her husband Will, lyrics and music meld together for a sound that will pull at your heartstrings every time. With a sound that fits into no box and a faith that is inspiring, I am beyond honored to introduce Will and Crystal Yates.

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Crystal Yates was listening to a sermon at Cross Timbers Church in Argyle when she had a musical epiphany. "Stop trying to separate the secular and sacred by treating everything as sacred," implored the pastor, Toby Slough. It was then that the country singer-songwriter from McKinney realized her love of songwriting didn’t require her to compartmentalize her audience or subject matter.

It's had a profound effect on how she approached her music — country, spiritual or otherwise. “If I were a doctor, I wouldn't just treat the people who thought and behaved just like me. I would treat anyone," says Yates.

She and her husband and guitar player, Will, have a new EP, The Other Side, to celebrate, but on Sunday mornings you will find them in front of thousands of worshippers leading the song service for Cross Timbers. "So I write out song prescriptions for my own heart, my friends, my family, and then share in hopes that they resonate and bring some hope and a voice to others.”


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