In the 2nd episode of Down in the 903, Myzta Hamblen talks with FASTBash winner Jae Money Guapo about his influences, his sound and his goals for the future!!

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Jae Money Guapoo was born December 11, 1989 in Longview, Texas as James Ryan Campbell III. The Hip-Hop artist, Guapoo started performing on the church stage at the age of six years old as a drummer and tenor voice in the choir. The experience gained sparked his passion to perform on the big stages as a Hip-Hop artist, and continues to keep him relaxed when he performs today. Guapoo grew up as an athlete and had to hide his music artistry. His mother had no tolerance for the Hip-Hop music and culture presented, which lead to her strict actions banning Guapoo from listening to the music that truly inspired his artistry.

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