Thanks for checking out the 208th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guest this week has a unique perspective into the life of one of the biggest names in the history of Country Music. Many consider Waylon Jennings the original outlaw in Country Music, his oldest son Terry joins us this week to discuss the book he wrote “Waylon, Tales of My Outlaw Dad”. In this truly introspective, honest book, Terry puts to rest many legends and half truths told about Waylon through the years and offers an incredible view into what life on the road was like with his dad! We are excited to welcome Terry Jennings to The ETX ROCKS Show for the first time!!


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Terry Jennings is the CEO and founder of Korban Music Group LLC, a full service management, consulting and publishing company.  Mr. Jennings is well known for his varied experience at all levels of the music business, including management of major label acts, since 1972. He was introduced to the business at an early age through his work as production manager for his father, Waylon Jennings.  He has also worked for booking agencies, publishing companies and as a talent scout for major label companies, including RCA Records.  As a member of the Jennings family, he has been involved in the music industry his entire life, and – over the years – he was given the opportunity to become personally acquainted with most everyone in the business.


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