Thanks for checking out the 215th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guests for this episode having been changing the landscape of blues music across East Texas. With five years under their belt and five nominations for Blues Band of the Year with the East Texas Music Awards! With a brand new, full cd release in late 2017 under their belt we are excited introduce Larry Pierce, Jerry McCoy, Nathan Tubb and Tad Phillips. Together they are known as Hubcap and the Loose Nuts! (This episode includes 2 original, full band songs titled “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ ‘Bout You” & “Three Words”)

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The Year: 2010
     The formation of Hubcap & the Loose Nuts actually came together by mistake. After a 16 & ½ year hiatus from each other, Jerry McCoy, Larry Pierce and J.D. Hill decided to put back together their power trio, "The Bare Necessities."
     After 4-5 months of rehearsal, the guys got a gig. But a week before the gig, J.D. developed some devastating health issues that would not allow him to play.  Thinking quickly as not wanting to cancel the gig, Jerry and Larry contacted Nathan Tubb, a guitarist that both of them had played with in the past. They made the gig, not really representing them under any band name.  They all figured this was a one-time deal.
     As the next week followed, J.D. revealed that his health was not going to allow him to join a band.  So, as not to scrap what Jerry and Larry had blown the dust off of, they asked Nathan if he would like to join them putting together a 3-piece blues band.  He did.
     Now, three guys in a band: what to call it?  Jerry liked single named groups, so after researching to see if anyone had the same name; the suggestion of “Hubcap” came about.  Larry like it, but said if they were going to be a blues band that they needed to add a “and the” to the name, as to make “Hubcap” appear as a person.  The result was “and the Loose Nuts”.  So be the name.
     The band of three played out through the East Texas area for the next four years.  In January of 2017, Tad Phillips came in on harmonica to add a new dimension to the sound.  The band is now a four-piece. 
     In the past six years Hubcap & the Loose Nuts has made it in the top 5 blues band category at The East Texas Music Awards, thanks to their fans support. 

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