Thanks for checking out the 218th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! With incredible highs and sometimes depressing lows, The Urban Pioneers use a multitude of genres and instruments to bring a little something new and a lot of old time sound to a world of music desperate for something different! And travel the world they have, they are a true band of road warriors, playing all over the US and even into other countries! We couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce Liz Sloan, Jared McGovern & Martin Sargent to the show for the first time!

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Traveling near and far, The Urban Pioneers are a trio of road warriors that spend their lives playing music to please anyone anywhere. There isn’t one word or feeling to describe this band because they stretch in every which way bringing to the table a wide variety of old time, western swing, and folk tunes that are all toe tappin and dancin goodness. Just sit back, buckle up, and prepare to be driven on a journey of blistering fast highs and lonesome lows.

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