Thanks for checking out the 220th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guest this week is an awesome singer/songwriter from Harker Heights, TX who is no stranger to the big stage! She has opened for the likes of Bri Bagwell, Matt Kimbrow, 2 Tons of Steel, Josh Grider, The Damn Quails and many others! For Ashley Plumlee, music is therapeutic, whether it’s getting over a heartbreak or hearing how her music impacts those she performs in front of, once Ashley learned the guitar she was hooked! Having fallen in love with Texas music scene like so many of us, she is now living her dream as a performer and a songwriter, although she still works 40 hours a week!! We are very excited to talk to Ashley Plumlee this week on the show!!!

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Ashley Plumlee is a rising soulful voice in the Texas Country Music scene. Raised in the Central Texas area her love of music has been influenced by the Texas Country counter culture where music seems to speak in a more honest voice. Picking up and learning how to play guitar in 2011 she began to craft songs that speak to the everyday woman in todays america. Never backing down from her convictions, she has stayed true to her art and being a student of the craft continues to grow and learn each day to better her musical talent. Forming the Mistress Derringer Band in January 2011 she began developing her sound and allowing her to appeal to a wider audience. Today she has taken a solo approach with her music, continuing to work with The Derringers. With the self title EP released December 2014, and her 2016 full length release "The Line," she is hopeful that her music will speak to those who need the message of hope, strength, fun, patience and love.


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