Thanks for checking out the 226th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Emanating from Tyler, TX Jewel Rena’e, Chris French, Nate McConnell and Silas Alexander are a brand new foursome with a fresh, new sound they describe as Indie Pop Folk. Using an impressive array of instruments from classically trained violin to ukelele with bass, drums and guitar mixed in, Gypsum and the Travelers are poised to make big noise in the talent rich region of East Texas. Having already garnered nominations at the 2017 ETX Music Awards they are excited about the next step in their journey after going from an acoustic duo to a full band! We are excited to introduce everyone to Gypsum & The Travelers for the first time on the show!

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J met Chris, a shaggy haired kid with a sly sneaky grin, in the fall of 2010. They instantly started into an insane friendship of insulting one another and pushing each other to accomplish greater things. Chris, a classically trained bass player, and J, a classically trained violinist, met through competition within their shared school district. As they entered high school and tried to find themselves in this mess of life, they lost touch, but never forgot one another, and their friendship really picked up into their adult lives. The band itself started off as a jam session between a couple of mutual friends, and was nothing serious, until drama ensued between them all, leaving Chris and J jamming on their own.


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