Thanks for checking out the 242nd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guest today has burst onto the Texas music scene with an incredible video for her song “Stars” which deals with the topic of suicide and mental health, two topics which are passionate for her, and the release of her debut single “Boy In A Ballcap” to Texas Radio which comes in at #92 on this week’s Texas radio charts! Darbi Shaun has a unique voice and an incredibly powerful pen. As one of the youngest artists in the Texas Country Music scene, she definitely has a bright future in front of her!! We are excited to introduce everyone out there to Darbi Shaun!

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There are some voices that just cause people to stop and take notice. Darbi Shaun's unique tone and emotion does just that. Matt Davis, the GM of Main Street Crossing, said, "Darbi is a wonderful talent. If you have the chance to hear her in a song, it will be an experience for your ears that you will not soon forget. Polished beyond her years, this young performer has a bright future ahead."

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