Thanks for checking out the 245th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Our guest today hails from Conroe, TX, she has one of the most soulful voices within the Texas music scene! Kenna Danielle will not only pull you in with her vocals but just take a listen to the lyrics flowing from her pen and you’ll be doubly impressed! Although still a young performer, she has hit success with the #2 hit in Texas by Jerrett Zoch called “Sippin’ On Shine” as well as a hugely popular song called “A Cross” which she co-wrote with Bri Bagwell! Her debut EP called “Like A Tumbleweed” will leave you breathless! Now with the release of her second single on the horizon in May we are proud to welcome Kenna to the show for the first time!

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Heralding from the eclectic city of Conroe, Texas, Kenna Danielle is poised and ready to make her mark on the country music scene. Her sound fuses blues, soul and down-home country, creating a delivery that is uniquely her own. Kenna Danielle wows crowds with sultry vocals and musical genius on both the guitar and harmonica. The singer-songwriter’s insightful storytelling is showcased in songs like Red, White and Blue and Between the Bottle and the Bible.

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