In Episode 263 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to San Antonio, Tx native Jeff Jacobs! We talk to Jeff about his incredible work ethic, the unique ways he promotes his brand, his incredible videos and much more! Tune in for a great conversation AND 3 original songs from Jeff Jacobs!!

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Jeff Jacobs Band interests a wide variety of fans. “We appeal to people who listen to country and even some that regularly don’t. People tell us all the time that we don’t sound like anyone else,” and this is a natural reaction to Jeff, as he puts it, “because every song speaks to those who listen.” This individuality has earned them notice at every venue, and there is a common response. “We’ll play a set and take a break and fans come up and say ‘Where the hell have you been!’ like we’ve been hiding in plain sight,” chuckles Jeff.


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