In Episode 264 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Oklahoma City, OK natives JD & Lexie Smith of Rugged Grace! We talk to them about their unique pairing that led to their duo, how they balance married life with music life, songwriting and much more! Tune in for a great conversation AND 3 original songs from Rugged Grace!!

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Rugged Grace is the modern day red dirt Johnny and June duo from Oklahoma. JD and Lexie having been playing music together for 3 years touring Oklahoma and the surrounding states. JD and Lexie met while working at a psychiatric hospital for children. They found they not only had a passion for helping sick children, but also for writing and playing music. JD and Lexie began their musical journey in front a small audience of family and friends at Eufaula Lake singing "Whenever You Come Around" by Vince Gill. There was no debate after that night if they wanted to pursue music as a career, rather than just entertaining family and friends. 


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