In Episode 272 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Whey Jennings, grandson of Country Music Icon Waylon Jennings! In a candid conversation with Whey, we chat about his upbringing in music royalty, his own unique sound, the state of music today and much more! Tune in for a great conversation AND 3 original songs from Whey Jennings!!

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Whey Jennings grew up in a family full of country music royalty.  His grandfather, the legendary Waylon Jennings and grandmother Jessi Colter both had major success in the major music charts for decades.

Whey Jennings is a "rough around the edges, unpolished singer" with a voice as big as Texas.  He couldn't go pop with a mouth full of crackers! 

Whey Aaron Jennings is the oldest son of his mother Katherine and father Terry Jennings.  Whey has always had a deep love for music since the first time he stepped foot on stage. 

Whey was just a boy at one of his grandpa Waylon's shows. His grandma Jessi had just left the stage after singing "Storms Never Last." Jessi left the stage and laid her microphone on a chair backstage. Young Whey picked up the microphone and pranced out onto the stage and began singing "Mamma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys." 

Whey's grandpa Waylon shouted out "Hey hold up there Hoss...wait for me!"   Waylon went to pickin and when the song was finished the crowd went nuts. It was on that day that Whey fell in love with music and as the say... the rest is history.

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