In Episode 278 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Gun Barrel City, TX native TJ Broscoff! In a candid conversation with TJ we talk about his life experiences leading to some of the best music Texas has ever heard. TJ delves a bit on his past, how he got free of the shackles and how music created his passage out of the dark! Do not miss this incredible look into a man who continues to win every battle sent his way, plus 3 original songs played unplugged!!

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1.6 million Spotify streams, 375,000 terrestrial radio spins, 98,000 miles a year, 49,000 S.M. fans, 200 shows a year, 10 top 30 records, 7 guys in the bus, 3 number 1’s, and 1 dog as a mascot, TJ Broscoff counts his blessings daily.

Things haven’t always been a successful journey for TJ, but looking back thru the scars and self inflected wounds, the path TJ took, while crooked and full of demons, landed him right where he needed to be. 

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