In Episode 284 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Houston, TX sisters Naty and Kat from Release the Reign! The 2 time Rock Band of the Year through MXD Magazine, Release the Reign plays 3 songs and talks to Boston about the evolution of their band from when they were “Underage” to now! These girls are the future of rock music in the state of Texas!Tune in for a great conversation AND 3 original songs from Jon Young!!

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The Houston, Texas based rock trio Release the Reign is taking the Texas music scene by storm and when you hear their music, it comes as no surprise. The band has been described as "The love child of Halestorm and Paramore with a heavy but soft sound" (Pitstomper Productions, Houston TX). The band released its debut EP, Porcelain Doll, in 2017 and immediately started the climb up the local and regional independent music charts, rocketing to as high as #1 in their local area, #1 in the Houston Region and as high as #111 in the United States within weeks of its release.

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