In Episode 288 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Dallas, TX natives The Ghost Dance Band! We talk to them about how they met and formed the band, how they cultivated their unique sound and what is on the horizon for the GDB!! Tune in for a great conversation AND 3 original songs from The Ghost Dance Band!!

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/Based out of Waco/Dallas Texas,the Ghost Dance Band was formed by fate, hardheadedness, and an addiction to creating art. With driven spirits and refusal to fail, the Ghost Dance Band is  empowered by fans, known as the "Ghosts", and the love of music. The Ghost Dance Band, along with the "Ghosts", create a unique atmoshpere which can only be described as supernatural. With a unique sound from folk to rock and roll, the Ghost Dance Band is sure to blaze a new trail the in the Texas country music scene.

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