In Episode 289 today on The ETX ROCKS Show, we talk to Athens, TX native Jake Penrod! Jake has gone from one of the more successful tribute artists in the World to an original artist writing songs in a classic style! Find out how he transitioned from one to the other, what his favorite instruments are and how he was influenced by traditional country music! Tune in for a great conversation and 3 original songs!

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Jake Penrod has quickly earned a reputation as a master of honky tonk music, who not only sings and writes, but can also play just about any instrument you hand him. In 2013 he released an album of original material, titled "Closer to Me". The album showcases Jake Penrod's songwriting ability as well as musicianship across an array of different styles of honky tonk music. He wrote each song on the album and played every instrument in authentic honky tonk fashion, proving he knows his stuff when it comes to traditional country music, and earning the title of "King of Texas Twang".

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