Thanks for checking out the 137th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Old Omen is the latest special guest on "Behind The Music with Boston Chris" ONLY on The ETX ROCKS Show! Lindsay Boone & Grady Axton Davis combine their wide array of influences of jazz, rock, blues, folk, country and more into their own unique style that they term as "Swampy Folk Blues"! They leave us breathless with 2 incredible live, unplugged performances on this episode! Boston and Old Omen then talk about the following topics:

-How did Lindsay & Grady meet?

-What is their mindset when choosing what covers to perform and try to make them their own?

-What exactly does "Swampy Folk Blues" mean?

-They talk about their writing style and how their influences always bleed through their originals

-Where did they come up with the name Old Omen?

-How does their experience individually help with their combined vibe?

-They tell us about their upcoming album project!

-They tell us how their show at the grand opening of The ETX Brewing Co. went.

-Boston and Lindsay talk about her vocals.

-Boston asks Old Omen 10 ridiculous "would you rather" questions!


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