S2-39 - Meredith Crawford - This Woman Is A Tsunami!


Meredith Crawford is a young mom from Chandler, TX. She is also one of the best voices we have ever heard! This week on "Dig It With D Scribs" only on The ETX ROCKS Show, Meredith shows us her immense vocal ability and beautifully written lyrics by performing two songs; "Every Man Is An Island" & "Say I Won't". Dennis & Meredith then talk about the following subjects:

-She tells the story behind her amazing song "Every Man Is An Island"!

-Meredith talks about where she is from.

-Who were some Meredith's influences growing up?

-How would Meredith describe her incredible style?

-At a young age did she know she wanted to make music later in life?

-How did she get started?

-They discuss her songwriting!

-What was it like recording her first EP?

-What can we expect from Meredith in the future?

-D Scribs plays the "What The Heck" game with Meredith!

-She finishes off by playing and singing "Say I Won't"


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