Ep. 141: Bradley Banning - From Nowhere to God’s Grace! (Interview & Live Music)



Thanks for checking out the 141st episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Bradley Banning is the special guest this week on "Behind the Music With Boston Chris" only on The ETX ROCKS Show! Bradley's debut single "Don't Mess With Texas" is making huge waves on Texas Radio coming in at #30 at the time this episode was recorded! Bradley plays the hit single on this show along with another great original tune! Boston & Bradley then talk about the following topics:


-Boston Chris reads the incredible, inspirational story that Bradley wrote and included on the video for the song "Don't Mess With Texas"

-They talk about Bradley's experiences in Nashville and coming back to Texas.

-Bradley talks about the patience needed to wait for the perfect time to release his debut single.

-How did he get through the times when he may have questioned his faith?

-Does his relationship with God shine through in his songwriting?

-He talks about the success of his debut single.

-Bradley talks about his process for writing a song.

-Bradley & Boston play "Would You Rather"!

-Bradley has a message for his fans!


Follow along with Bradley and buy his music at http://www.bradleybanning.com/ always support the artists you like every chance you get!!


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