Thanks for checking out the 147th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Natalie Rose is an extraordinary singer/songwriter from Seguin, TX and is our guest on "Behind The Music With Boston Chris" only on The ETX ROCKS Show! Natalie recently visited with Boston on the set of the show in Longview to discuss her brand new single "Conformity" which is rocketing up the Texas charts! Natalie returns for her second time on the show with her guitarist John Butcher, they perform 2 original tunes on this episode and then discuss the following items:


-Boston and Natalie talk about the relevance of "Conformity".

-They talk about how Country females are starting to move the needle in a big way in Texas!

-Boston makes a bold prediction followed by a superb performance of "Conformity"!

-Natalie talks about her musical influences including the legendary Dolly Parton.

-Natalie exudes confidence in her performances, but what obstacles did she face in overcoming shyness, bullying and self-doubt?

-Is her songwriting and music therapeutic for her?

-What advice does Natalie have for those dealing with self-doubt issues?

-What are her goals with her music?

-Natalie, John & Boston play the 'Would You Rather" game!

-Natalie performs "Better Off Without You".

-What was it like working with the legendary Ray Benson?


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