Thanks for checking out the 148th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Kadie Lynn returns to The ETX ROCKS Show this week on "Behind The Music With Boston Chris" along with members of her new band "The Foundation" {JD Beck on Drums, Spencer Singer on Guitar, Cardis Wilkinson on Bass & Ben Smiley on Keys, all under the age of 14!).Boston Chris hung out with The Foundation at Porch Fest 2017 and discusses the following items with them:


-Kadie introduces us to the whole band and tells us about getting together.

-Kadie tells us what her hope is with the band!

-JD Beck talks about what his role is in the band!

-They talk about they met.

-How important is chemistry between the band members?

-Kadie talks about what she enjoys most about the band.

-Is the band collaborating on songs yet?

-When will the Kadie Lynn EP be released?!

-Kadie tells us what it was like to be signed by State Fair Records.

-Boston & Kadie reminisce about talking 1 year ago on the first episode of ETX ROCKS!

-What's coming up for KL & The Foundation? 


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