Thanks for checking out the 149th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Rockett Queen members Walter & Jay recently visited us for a brand new episode of "Behind the Music With Boston Chris" only on The ETX ROCKS Show! Rockett Queen is a rock band based out of Tyler, TX that has been making waves for almost 15 years all across The United States! Boston Chris had the incredible opportunity to pick the brains of the Rockett Queen architect Walter Lee and one of the best guitarists around Jay Scars! Tune in to hear them talk about the following items:


-What were some of their musical influences and why do they play the style of music that they do?

-Boston Chris compliments them on their high energy performances and finds out how they accomplish that.

-Walter talks about their focus in songwriting.

-They talk about the first time they went on tour.

-Fan Question: What is the weirdest fan story?

-How does a national tour differ from local shows?

-Walter and Jay talk about opening for Scott Stapp and the pressure to perform in that setting.

-Is Scott Stapp a hugger?

-Walter describes the evolution of Rockett Queen's sound over the years.

-How did they get on the "John Tucker Must Die" soundtrack?

-They talk about recording in Nashville.

-What is their strategy when writing an album?

-Walter talks about his process for songwriting.

-How important is his role in mentoring and producing other bands?

-Boston surprises Rockett Queen with the "Would You Rather" game!

-When can we expect new Rockett Queen music?


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