Thanks for checking out the 151st episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Tune in to Terrell Brinlee's first in depth interview as part of the ETX ROCKS networking relationship with Local Houston Music! Terrell's guest is Gideon Bustamante also known as "The Painter" an incredible singer/songwriter from the Houston area with a whole lot of passion and creativeness that'll leave your jaw dropping as The Painter performs 2 original compositions called "Mirror" & "Disposable". Then Terrell and The Painter discuss the following topics:


-Gideon talks about the production of his newest single "Mirror" and his time at Sarah Kelly's Music School.

-The Painter talks about how and why he got started playing and singing.

-They talk about his role in Ministry.

-When did he start identifying himself as "The Painter"?

-Who were his influences as he was getting serious with his art?

-When did Gideon start writing?

-They talk about branding and imaging.

-Gideon talks about self image.

-What separates The Painter from other artists?

-Gideon talks about the incredible message behind his single "Mirror".

-They talk about projects that Gideon is currently working on.

-What advice does Gideon have for an artist just starting out?



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