Thanks for checking out the 171st episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! On this episode our host Boston Chris talks on the phone with the leader of The Scooter Brown Band, Scott Brown! They chat about Scott's service to his country before picking up a guitar and becoming one of the best songwriter's around and how he made his way from Colorado to Texas! Also on this episode Scott talks about what makes the band different and tells the incredible story of how he and good friend Chris Kyle wrote an incredible song called "Valor"! Tune in to also hear an acoustic version of his song "Story of my Life" from atop Mt. Evans! Huge thanks to Scott for allowing us to include the video on this episode!


(Courtesy of After 4 years and 3 months, 2 tours overseas with 1 tour of combat in Iraq as a United States Marine, Scott Brown traded his guns in for guitars and hit the road. The Scooter Brown Band was formed in 2005 and played mainly in and around Houston, Texas. It wasn't until 2009 with the release of their first studio album, "Between Hell & Texas," that they gained a notable presence in the Texas music scene. Along with their growing notoriety came their first radio single "Apology." Other radio releases were soon to follow and include "Whiskey Talkin", "Soldiers Christmas Eve", "Feels Like Home,", and "Summer Song". In 2010, Scooter Brown Band put out the album "LIVE at BIG TEXAS". In 2013, they followed up with their next studio album, "VALOR."



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