The ETX ROCKS Show is proud to present "Songbirds & Troubadours™", a weekly episodic show featuring 2 songwriters and up to 60 minutes of original music! The songwriter is one of, if not the most unheralded arm of the music industry! Our aim is to showcase that craft!

Jud Hagan of Overton, TX and Kelly Zwern of Houston, TX are our featured songwriters this week!

In this episode Jud & Kelly play 5 of their original songs and ask each other a couple questions about their craft!


Follow along with them below:

Jud Hagan:

Kelly Zwern:


Songs featured in this episode:

Jud Hagan - That Day

Kelly Zwern - Moon and Stars

Jud Hagan - Grandpa Watch

Kelly Zwern - Look Away

Jud Hagan - When Faith Is All You Have

Kelly Zwern - Mississippi

Jud Hagan - If It Wasn’t You, Than Who?

Kelly Zwern - Lose It

Jud Hagan - Gold and Diamonds

Kelly Zwern - Put Me On


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