The ETX ROCKS Show is proud to present "Songbirds & Troubadours™", a weekly episodic show featuring 2 songwriters and up to 60 minutes of original music! The songwriter is one of, if not the most unheralded arm of the music industry! Our aim is to showcase that craft!

Bubba Westly from Matagorda Bay, TX and Bryan Adam Joyner from Sachse, TX are our featured songwriters this week follow them at the links below: 

Bubba Westly:

Bryan Adam Joyner:

Songs featured in this episode:

1. Bryan Adam Joyner - Cried When He Died

2. Bubba Westly - Rewind

3. Bryan Adam Joyner - Beer Tastes Better With You

4. Bubba Westly - She's a Fireball

5. Bryan Adam Joyner - I Haven't Found Mine Yet

6. Bubba Westly - Grandpa's Van

7. Bryan Adam Joyner - Thank You For Leaving Me

8. Bubba Westly - Oilfield Princess

9. Bryan Adam Joyner - I Drink Whiskey All The Time

10. Bubba Westly - Small Town Rumors

11. Bryan Adam Joyner - Ain't No Pat Green

12. Bubba Westly - Heaven Can You Hear Me Calling Home

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