In episode 3 Myzta Hamblen talks to Platinum selling producer Mr. Lee about his upbringing, his XMG school of music and much more!

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Since the early 90s, Lee has not only helped create the trademark sound of the South, but he has also laced beats for an impressive multitude of artists including the revered Tupac Shakur, Scarface, UGK and Jay Z.

As a child growing up on a compound in Pineville, Louisiana, Leroy Williams became well-versed in music competing as a pianist at age 9 and playing Gospel in church. Classically trained in numerous instruments, he played in the McDonald’s All-American Band in 1990 and became the first black drum major at the predominantly white Tioga High School.  Lee helped lead them to their first state championship in 19 years, and though the victory encouraged him to realize his dreams, he lost his college scholarship after maintaining his newfound popularity instead of his GPA.
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