Thanks for checking out the 193rd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! In this episode our host Boston Chris checks in with Ft. Worth native Jackie Darlene! Jackie is the granddaughter of legendary songwriter Whitey Shafer, but she is also quickly creating notice for her own style of artistry while still honoring the rich, musical tradition embedded in her family. Jackie regales us with 2 incredible original tunes and shows us what makes her so unique in this incredible conversation!

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"Some artists sing only because they want to or because it is something cool or fun to gain attention.  It is a passing fad or hobby that they never fully dedicate themselves to.  There are other artists that write songs and sing them because they must.  It is not just a calling, it is a life they were destined to live.  These acts have something to say and an original way to say it.  Jackie Darlene is clearly and wholeheartedly in this latter category.  Growing up in a musical family (her grandfather is legendary songwriter Whitey Shafer), music is something that came natural to Jackie.

However, what makes her truly special is her passion, desire and work ethic.  Jackie is an old soul in a digital age.  She embraces the future and showcases the past. Her life hasn't always been idyllic and she draws from her world experiences to inform her writing.  Jackie has a knack for capturing the emotional rollercoaster of joy and pain that everyone faces in life and matches it with lyrics and melodies that belie her age.


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