Thanks for checking out the 249th episode of the ETX Rocks Show! From early childhood, Jade Marie Patek was fascinated with music, a major reason being the influence of her grandfather Joe Patek,whose polka band sold a million albums. This Texas Regional Radio Music Award nominee for 2017 Female Vocalist of the Year has developed a style of music that's part Americana, part soul, and all her own. Her most recent single, “Drive,” earned a nomination for Texas Music Picker’s Song of the Year. From Round Rock, Texas, Jade Marie Patek!

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Jade Marie Patek comes from a rich musical lineage as the granddaughter of polka legend, Joe Patek, who delighted crowds at dancehalls for decades with his Orchestra. Using her polka roots as inspiration, Jade began writing her own music and performing it live a few years back.  Her original music is purely Texan and definitely original.  The songs are fueled by life experiences, life lessons and a whole lot of heart and soul.

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