Thanks for checking out the 133rd episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Matt Kimbrow has had 4 consecutive #1 hits on Texas Radio including his latest single "Homesick Crazy" which we play on this episode! Matt recently spoke to Boston Chris and is the latest guest on "Behind The Music with Boston Chris" ONLY on The ETX ROCKS Show, they cover the following topics:

-The believability behind his lyrics and performances
-How he found his identity and style
-Going from a full time job to a career in music.
-His advice on being independent rather than having a label or professional team.
-How important staying relevant and fans are to your success.
-How tough is the balance between staying relevant to today's sound and staying true to traditional country?
-How important is the freedom an artist gains from being independent?
-The excitement to see Texas artists gaining National notoriety.
-Talking about the success he and his team have garnered with his 4 consecutive #1 hits and 7 consecutive top 10 singles!
-Matt tells the story about the inspiration for his song "Homesick Crazy" and gets Boston choked up!
-How this song changed his perspective and what did he do for veterans because of it?

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