S2-34 - Aubrey Lynn - Marine, Mom, Songwriter, Vocal Powerhouse! Part 1


Aubrey Lynn is the latest guest on Hayley's Country Tuesday ONLY on The ETX ROCKS Show! "There's gonna be no stoppin' this Southern Belle from raisin' hell..." and that's for sure. Aubrey Lynn is well on her way to storming the independent music scene and stirring up a dust cloud of Red Dirt along the way to make sure you know that she's arrived. "The Texas Songbird" is a full time Texas Recording Artist and Entertainer based in Farmersville, Texas. First we showcase her teaser video for her new upcoming documentary "You Don't Know Me Like I Do" then Hayley & Aubrey Lynn talk about the following topics:

-She is going for her 3rd consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year award at The Big Star Awards in Ft. Worth.
-What has Aubrey Lynn been up to lately musically?
-When can we expect new music from her?
-Does she have a blues project in the works?
-Songwriting & writers block
-Who are her inspirations/influences?
-She discusses the inspiration behind her new single "Crazy".
-Does Aubrey have any big events coming up?

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