Thanks for checking out the 135th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Jeremy Tipton of the Tulsa, OK band The Tiptons is the newest special guest on "Behind The Music With Boston Chris" ONLY on The ETX ROCKS Show! Their debut single "Abilene" is steadily climbing the Texas Radio charts! Jeremy plays an unplugged version of "Abilene" as well as another great song & Boston & Jeremy discuss the following topics:

-Is it their strategy to bring back the heavy harmonies that were so popular in 90's country?
-The inspiration behind his song "What Used To Be The Country"
-What's it like being from Oklahoma and trying to make a name for yourself in Texas?
-Who are his musical influences?
-how important it is to have a high energy show
-his favorite Texas artist is William Clark Green
-As a songwriter, how does he use his inspirations to turn that into music?
-What's easier: writing lyrics first or the melodies?
-How long has he been singing?
-Growing up in a musical family
-Who are the members of The Tiptons?
-The process, the evolution, & writing of the debut single "Abilene"
-How do you go from just a performing band, to a recorded and radio band?
-His relationship with his radio promoter Dillon Steen of
-Boston & Jeremy play the "Would You Rather" game!!

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