Thanks for checking out the 138th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! In part 2 of Aubrey Lynn on Hayley's Country Tuesday ONLY on The ETX ROCKS Show, Aubrey Lynn sits down along with her producer/guitarist/fiancee Dustin Hendricks and talks with Boston Chris after her incredible set at Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, TX opening for Sundance Head! The former US Marine, current mom and amazing singer/songwriter discusses the following topics with Boston Chris:


-We include 2 of her original live performances including her former #1 Texas hit "Whiskey & You"

-She is a mom, a former US Marine, a singer & a songwriter, what is her 2nd favorite role after being a mom?

-Aubrey talks about her singing while in the marines.

-Was her military experience a catalyst that led her to a career in music?

-Boston talks about the uniqueness and control of Aubrey's voice and how she learned to hone her instrument.

-They talk about all the different styles Aubrey has in her music from Blues to rock, soul to country!

-Dustin talks about how he helped in refining Aubrey's approach vocally.

-Aubrey talks about several projects she is working on in multiple genres!

-Dustin tells us when we can expect new music!

-Aubrey talks about their huge show coming up at Texas Frog Fest at Crystal Beach!


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