The ETX ROCKS Show is proud to present "Songbirds & Troubadours™", a weekly episodic show featuring 2 songwriters and up to 60 minutes of original music! The songwriter is one of, if not the most unheralded arm of the music industry! Our aim is to showcase that craft!

Anthony Torrez from Albuquerque, NM and Terie Lei Moore from Winona, TX are our featured songwriters this week!

In this episode Anthony & Terie play 5 of their original songs and ask each other a couple questions about their craft!


Follow along with them below:

Anthony Torrez:

Terie Lei Moore:


Songs featured in this episode:

Anthony Torrez - William H. Bonney

Terie Lei Moore - Ashes

Anthony Torrez - Six String Outlaw

Terie Lei Moore - 1990

Anthony Torrez - Cut a Rug

Terie Lei Moore - No Reason Left to Stay

Anthony Torrez - For the First Time

Terie Lei Moore - Golden Girl

Anthony Torrez - Poor Man’s Poetry

Terie Lei Moore - White Pine Creek

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