The ETX ROCKS Show is proud to present "Songbirds & Troubadours™", a weekly episodic show featuring 2 songwriters and up to 60 minutes of original music! The songwriter is one of, if not the most unheralded arm of the music industry! Our aim is to showcase that craft!

Mandi Powell from San Felipe, TX and Troy McManus from Cove, TX are our featured songwriters this week!

In this episode Mandi & Troy perform 9 original songs!


Follow along with them below:

Mandi Powell:

Troy McManus:


Songs featured in this episode:

Mandi Powell - River Burns Blue

Troy McManus - My Home

Mandi Powell - Sunday Morning

Troy McManus - The Gift of the Son

Mandi Powell - Last Laugh

Troy McManus - Long Neck Love

Mandi Powell - Perfect Situations

Troy McManus - I See You

Mandi Powell - Hailstorm

Troy McManus - Those Eyes

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